US-Pakistan Relations: Breaking the prism

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Loud clamors perish the very essence of peace.

The debate– in some spheres– on the appropriate approaches for Pakistan are on the rise; the conundrum is that neither carrots nor sticks produce the desired results and therefore a creative solution needs to be carved out.

A recent article ‘US-Pakistan Relations and the Big Stick’ written by Michael Krepon voices similar concerns.

Firstly, The ‘final say’ on labeling Pakistan as a state sponsor of terrorism would be far from accomplished if some voices in India or US present subjective views incase of any unfortunate mishap. Few past Incidents of such sort have occurred; but the voice of majority has always shunned this misguided perception.

Little doubt, that the squeeze Pakistan camp maybe on the rise–despite Pakistan standing on the front line of US led war.

The appalling ally has breached trust– significantly, owing to its  – hollowing silence on the sacrifices incurred by Pakistan and a near non recognition of the externally influenced hostilities perpetrated on its ally’s soil.

Those non recognitions are vivid in the major complaints stated.

The issue of support to anti Pakistan terror elements is widely ignored.

The proofs of external links to these atrocities are ample, public statements of hostile officials supporting these ideas are ample, the ratio of unfortunate terror attacks is in itself ample proof to clarify the difference between supporter or victim of terror.

If records of grassroots observations of these war torn areas are read there is evident proof that many of those resisting oppression– have taken an independent shape. Focus needs to be  directed towards rehabilitation to sensibly end these menaces.

The reasons which inculcated these security dilemmas in Pakistan should be revisited. The recent past and current day scenarios are also clear proof of what is plunging the region into an arms race. The decisions to deter oppression are not made in Islamabad or Pindi- but instead with the unanimous consent of the nation.

It is true that the leverage gained from labeling Pakistan is limited – But, for the various intended purposes– so is the leverage of weapon related sanctions. There is indeed a need for a creative solution.

Plenty of opportunities for cooperation on economic and security front exist between US and Pakistan. Despite the sparks of estrangement Pakistan has always voiced resilient commitment to working with its old ally.

But, for a true re-alignment between the US and Pakistan. The clamors which perish peace need to shut down.

The clamors in this case are: the songs of inseparable bonds between the US-India and between China-Pakistan.

Much would find resolve the day US views Pakistan from a non china prism and Pakistan views US from a non India prism. Otherwise more is at loss.

The text of Michael Krepon blurs the line between a threat and advice because it inadvertently magnifies Pakistan’s– India prismed US view.


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