Dissecting Indian propaganda piece “Bangladesh’s China-India Balance”

Haven’t come across such an ill written news feature in a long time. Literally a trash…

Let me go through this in a few important points:

1. Propaganda at its worse.

Obviously it’s an Indian propaganda piece.
One simply needs to read through different paras… Like the one below:

“Chinese investment in Bangladesh may spark concern in India, which shares a 2,582-mile border with the South Asian country and supported it during the Bangladesh War of Independence in 1971. Indian officials remain wary of China’s role in Bangladesh’s economy and the energy industry in particular.”

Imagine the audacity of the b… Indians and their paid servants in media, the prestitutes… How they portray things. As if they have a birth right on Bangladesh. May be Bangladesh ought to have its foot down more often than not with these Indians. The concept of friendship is not understood by them. They see it as a weakness.

2. False image construction, negative narratives for the ‘other’.

Indians hide real stories, data and success of others and they hide the real India behind their arrogance. Lest it all fall apart…

In the feature they first portray Bangladesh as a down trodden country not able to meet its basics. They bring in the a ample of one power outage in Bangladesh in 2014 that disrupted the national power distribution grid for nine hours. Yes, that was a low point but bangakdehsi engineers fixed the mammoth problem and Bangladesh’s is now effectively taking up projects to develop its power distribution system as well, not only the power generation hubs n network nodes. BD is in fact targeting 84 thousand megawatt of power generation by 2041 and a well tuned, upgraded national distribution network with AMMS tech. 

BD’s biggest partners in the energy sector are – China, USA, Russia, Japan, and in the near future Germany, UAE, KSA (Saudi Arabia). Partnership with India in 2025 seems like a distant past…

Indians should remember despite their so called big economy n growing strength 45% of their people do not or cannot go to toilet as they don’t have one. Just read another news piece that says a young couples was burnt as it was a marriage of inter-cast. The lady died while she was pregnant n the husband is in critical condition with 70% burn. Mob lynching dalits, muslims n all minorities, people drinking cow urine as blessings, this is what real India is… So, that picture needs to be kept in mind…

3. China is cheap, India n West is price competitive and efficient:

Then they show as if Chinese companies are begged to come to BD to invest whereas there is competition to win projects in BD and Chinese companies often win with their diligent homework rather the only factor Indian n their Western masters would like to highlight – cheap price tag of projects.
If they come up with cheap price tags for projects then it’s efficiency and competitiveness, and for the Chinese it’s – cheap…!!

4. No clue about strategic relationship and balance.

It talks nothing about real strategic relationship. It talks about China – India balance in Bangladesh’s diplomatic efforts. BD’s actual motivation for a closer tie with China is touted to be economic rather than strategic. So, it seem to be trying as if to pacify the Indians. They also write abt Indians getting angry at BD’s closeness with China… Indians n their paid servant n prestitutes are so blissfully and moronically ignorant abt strategy. They simply fail to see that India can never fill in the strategic relationship framework that BD envisages. India does not know how strategic relationships work. It only knows how it can take advantage of countries that are in good relationship with them… That’s domination in a relationship, not strategy.

In fact BD did sign a strategic relationship agreement with China and is on the verge of signing one with Russia. But it has not signed any with either India or its master USA despite considerable pressure from both to sign for years. So, one can imagine which relationship is what… No big analysis or foresight needed to see what’s happening here.

5. Fear mongering, Debt-trap, BRI.

In each and every attempt of showing China as a villain they bring in the BRI project and try to show how in recent times China is trapping countries in its debt n getting economic benefits only for itself. They give the example of hambantota port in Sri Lanka, and ports and projects in Africa. As a loyal servant of the Western Empire led by America and Europe they make an effort to educate countries how China will trap Bangladesh with debt. In recent times with appointment of a new foreign minister in BD, the foreign policy establishment has openly remarked that BD would not go for Chinese loans. Interestingly while they say that in West dominated platforms, the govt of BD seeks to even further consolidate relationship with China.

Indian observers, if they observe at all, forget that they are almost no match to China when it comes to offering partnerships. India offers Africa 500 mln dollar credit line and 200 cows to Kenya, while China invests in connectivity and mobility and capacity building of people across Africa with billions.

Indians have so far not been able to attract any significant policy circles in Bangladesh under different sectors where the latter could see an enduring long term relationship. Indians are only kept in good humor so that they don’t disrupt n destroy like:

  • they did in Sri Lanka with tamil tiger’s insurgency for twenty years and recently did with church bomb blasts (the terrorists were trained in India),
  • like they did n again doing in Bangladesh with the shanti bahini in CHT insurgency since 1947, 
  • like they are doing in Kashmir since 1947, 
  • like they do in Balochistan in Pakistan. Since 1947.

6. Bangladesh has lost a lot due to India.

In Bangladesh and India people talk a lot about how India helped BD during its liberation war in 1971. How they sheltered 20 million refugees. But its time to talk about how BD is losing due to India, especially increasingly in recent times.

Bangladesh often faces losses due to Indian unprofessional, indecent uncouth politicisation and pressure tactic on a weaker govt in BD.

Over the years, due to the Indians’ unprofessional requests, political pressure in getting projects, while their companies are highly incompetent compared to their Chinese counterpart; Bangladesh has suffered a lot in its development. Let’s list a few of them here:

  • transhipment: India almost forced BD to sign transhipment agreements on river and road networks so that its disconnected Eastern part (seven sisters) can grow economically and socially. BD got nothing in return.
  • rampal coal fired power plant: BD had to sign a coal fired power plant situated in the vicinity of the Sunderbans, world’s largest n only mangrove forest, a UNESCO declared world heritage site. India with inferior technology is destined to pollute the entire ecosystem in the region and wreck havoc in biodiversity.
  • Sonadia Deep Sea Port: India pressured BD govt to stall the Sonadia deep sea port as the contract was going to China. Interestingly the feasibility was done by China with its own investment. Had India made that investment it would have made a huge issue if this. This set back has cost BD dearly n set it 5-10 years back.

Later Bangladesh has given a deep sea port project in nearby matarbari area along with coal fired power plants to Japan n a LNG terminal n supply contract to the US-BD joint venture.

  • Paira Sea port: India was pressurising BD govt to take the paira Sea port project. At one point the govt had to break the project into 21 components and involve 7 plus countries in the process to develop the project. Indians are keen on taking projects that they cannot complete n lack expertise on. China on the other hand has been involved in this project and is the first party to complete its component. There is a component of a deep sea port in the port complex.
  • Dhaka Stock Exchange investment: BD invited bids for investment in Dhaka stock exchange for its 25% stake. China worked hard n submitted the bid in due time. India did not do any homework n approached the DSE body on the last day of submission to deffer the submission date, which is actually unethical n unjust to the other bidders. Still, due to political handling the DSE authority deffered the bid submission date by 5 days. India submitted their bid which was much inferior n did not even come close to what the Chinese Party offered. In fact the Chinese bid was very well thought out n included capacity building, data infrastructure development and other components. The Indians pressured through the PMO to get the project. When the authorities showed n explained the bids to the PM, she rejected the Indian bid instantaneously.
  • Bid to supply army with inferior weaponry: the Indian govt extended a credit line of US $500 mln to BD army for purchase of military hardware n purchase of Russian MRCA. Interestingly Bangladesh Army rejected the bid saying, the Indians themselves don’t have the capacity to manufacture quality arms n amunition. Not even the quality that we make in our ordinance factory in gazipur. How can they supply us…?! That’s how bad the situation is. The credit line to purchase Russian MRCA was also rejected by the govt. BD is going MRCA but will buy with its own money.

It’s noteworthy to mention that BD’s only ordinance factory was established before its independence with Chinese support n designs. Now also it is been redeveloped with Chinese advising.

7. India should learn to know its place.

This news feature /op-ed talks of China as a regional power. Then the moment China is coupled with India in same breath then the former along with India becomes a world power.

India needs to know its place. Its just a regional power while China is a world power. The US is effectively fading out with dedollerisarion by many countries, with waning petrodollar, with massive decline in its soft power. So, India’s choice of US as its new friend cum master is such a nonstarter… Pakistan under Imran Khan has shown much more maturity than that.

Every south Asian neighbour getting disgusted at its big brotherly attitude, undiplomatic and uncouth behaviour pattern and relentless pursuance of its self interest without any thought of a win-win approach and without any strategic understanding of world affairs. India can’t even compete with Pakistan militarily. They are talking heaven and earth…

India’s seasoned diplomats come on their TV talk shows and pronounce that India should simply let Bangladesh know about their displeasure about things, the case of submarine purchase by BD in point. What an audacity! They always think they are a mini America. They think they can do whatever they want and like. It ain’t so, anymore.

Nepal broke free of their stranglehold recently joining the BRI project with China.

Sri Lanka is distancing itself from India.

China invited US naval vessels in the port they are running on lease in Hambantota, Sri Lanka.

Pakistan has effectively realigned itself away from the USA and creating new alliance in that region involving Iran, China, Russia, KSA, UAE, Turkey, Malaysia.

Bangladesh is launching new regional bloc in Dhaka in June 2019 cutting across ASEAN and SAARC as SAARC became defunct due to India-Pakistan rivalry. It’s a 5 Muslim country patch up with Maldives, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia and Bangladesh on board. 

In the face of instigation of Myanmar by India by supplying specific weaponry to undermine Bangladesh’s defense, BD has to strategically bring in new and reliable partners in the mix in South Asia. That’s exactly what it is doing and India can nothing about it.

Last but not least, the entire piece is haphazardly organised. No structural flow.

It relies on two three obscure south Asia n Bangladesh experts. Doesn’t interview any significant expert/authority on issues. It’s a shame… 

Is this how they want to compete with China?!

Original propaganda article can be read here: Bangladesh’s China-India Balance