The TacStrat website offers tactical knowledge and resources for use in strategic research and development. TacStrat reviews and reports on developments in international security, global defense, regional conflict, and other related issues. TacStrat consults with major online resources, news networks and analyst sites, and also generates open-source intelligence outputs.

TacStrat is based in a variety of geographic locations and interfaces with a number of government, semi-government and private institutions in multidimensional capacities and roles. TacStrat monitors and evaluates global developments using a method of calculated review based on standard information verification protocols, enhanced analysis, open-source intelligence-gathering, ‘nu media’ networking and game-theoretic evaluation of applicable tactics and strategies that are relevant to the subject. TacStrat also promotes the views of policymakers, analysts, academics and journalists who publish or submit material relevant to regional or global conflict, international defense, military strategy, counter-terrorism, network security, space warfare, and the politics of national and regional defense. By doing so, TacStrat provides its audience with a completely interactive tactical and strategic outlook on security affairs all over the world, from the microcosm to the macrocosm.